Plastic injection mould for office chair

Plastic office chair molds include five-star office chair leg molds, office chair cover molds, office chair armrest molds, office chair backrest molds, and office chair head molds.

Plastic office chair leg mould.

Plastic office chair legs are an important part of plastic office chairs. So its mold is very important for office chairs.

Plastic office chair leg design

Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. designs office chair legs according to customers' samples, 2D drawings or 3D drawings owned by customers. We can also make 3D design of office chair legs based on sample pictures. However, there is a shortcoming in the three-dimensional design of parts only based on the sample drawing, that is, there is a certain difference between the design and the actual sample drawing. We recommend 3D design based on samples or changes to existing 3D designs.

Three-dimensional design is the first stage of manufacturing plastic office chair leg molds. After the customer confirms the 3D design of the leg part of the office chair, we can continue with the 3D mold design. Before designing a three-dimensional mold, first determine the shrinkage rate of the plastic raw material. This means that the customer must tell us which plastic material he wants to use to produce office chair legs. Office chair legs are usually made of PP+GF, PP+nylon, etc.

-After the mold 3D design is completed, we can continue to order mold steel according to the mold design steel plate size.

-The processing technology of the office chair five-star leg mold: rough machining (including steel grinding, CNC milling, drilling, EDW, etc.) -> core and cavity detail processing (including CNC embedded processing, EDM processing, etc.) ->Polishing and texture->Mold assembly and sub-mold matching->Mold testing->Send the mold test sample to the customer to check the quality ->The mold is delivered after the quality is confirmed.